In China they recently finished a Dam that swallowed up 1400 villages, and drove two million people out of their homes and livelihoods. But in America, we have the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to protect us from such arrogant and self-interested over-reach…or do we?


ON THE “NO-ACTION ALTERNATIVE”: Legislation on climate change MUST undergo study by ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT — median 3 1/2 years, below — to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), including Socio-Economics and Alternatives (including No Action Alternative). So that means, the end of the Biden Era!

Figure 1. Distribution…

In every downturn, I have been faced with reconstructing a career — each recession more trying than the last, because each time I was saddled with more responsibility. This happened despite the degrees, licenses, hard work, risks, and profile leading up to full consultancy. As an environmental engineering professional in…

While this is my own definition, “Hubris” is the secular term for a domineering characteristic of one who makes judgements about a whole class of persons for which he/she has no understanding. This is done to establish a sense of personal superiority, either moral or intellectual.

I’m not certain exactly when this happened, but the paparazzi, once held in disdain, have now become the moral high-priests of this generation, and thus the media now fosters a deep-seated decay in the beliefs of generations, using seemingly moral pronouncements.

It is profoundly to be wished that this will be reversed, if not soon, then sometime in the near future, because all fads and trends are cyclical. We all pray that our “better angels” (Abe Lincoln — R) will soon prevail.

Nuclear Power from Thorium-based Reactors

Thorium-based Nuclear energy will provide the foundation for our global energy supply.

We Now Look at Climate Through the Lens of Energy

Bill Gates is betting that clean and safe Nuclear is the best foundation on which to build our energy future (WSJ 3.25.12). Elon Musk changed the course of Australia’s energy evolution by building…

Musk and Gates can fix Renewable Energy

With all the talk of “redistribution of wealth”, here is an example where two billionaires made all the difference in the world.

It started with a challenge by Australian Mike Cannon Brookes — via tweet — that Mr Musk should deliver 100 MW of electrical storage to transform the failing…

Professor Robert Ott, PMP

Professor of Energy and Conservation, holding a Masters of Environmental Engineering, and experienced in Urban Planning & Design.

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