Jobs for the Future, In Clean Energy

In every downturn, I have been faced with reconstructing a career — each recession more trying than the last, because each time I was saddled with more responsibility. This happened despite the degrees, licenses, hard work, risks, and profile leading up to full consultancy. As an environmental engineering professional in the building industry, whenever the housing market tanked I was figuratively and literally out on the street. Can you identify with that?

I decided then to dump the credentials and hard-won experience, and launch into something brand new, more people-centered, with no experience at all.

I wanted something with a clear core that met my values — I wanted something CREATIVE, and I loved VISUAL ARTS. So I took a temp job as a School Photographer (for 3 weeks), then I found work as a Glamour Photographer (in the Mall), till one day a Macy’s guy walked in and told me about a Macy’s Photo Assistant job (part-time). While in that job, I asked around about jobs in Herald Square, Manhattan, and found a Print Production job (full-time) which I took. After a couple of courses in Computer Design, I became a Junior Executive Computer Design Technician, producing ad layouts, working with some of the top Creative Artists on the planet, in “the world’s largest store”. My point is that a transition can be very restorative.

Now, after another pivot, as Professor of Energy for colleges in New York, with an extensive background in Urban Planning and Environmental Engineering, I’ve decided to explore with you the foundations of a “Green New Deal”, so you will make an informed decision. I’m opening my content on Clean Energy to the public. (Click to Access) Also, with your JOB and CAREER, this can help you pivot your work goals around Energy, with or without a “Green Deal”. I will help you sort through the clutter— to gain CLARITY and a strong sense of purpose.

To Your Best Health:
Professor Robert Ott, PMP
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Professor of Energy and Conservation, holding a Masters of Environmental Engineering, and experienced in Urban Planning & Design.